I'm really fuckin' lazy, I just found out how to be really effective.
-Andy Frisella
5 critical tasks
something that are not a habit for me
on power list for up to 21 days
then replace each one with 2 other things
see episode 107 andy frisella

Work your butt off

focused on something that I believe will have high value to someone else
Be very rigorous in your self-analysis
be extremely tenacious
work like hell (80-100 hour weeks every week)

Internal Strength:
"I feel fear quite strongly, but there are just times when something's important enough, you believe it enough, that you do it in spite of fear"
Being an entrepreneur / Starting a company is like looking into the abyss and eating glass
There's no point in spending time on things that are going right
Spend time on the things no one else is gonna do that needs to be done
you generally know where you're heading for...
you need to focus on the path

People are paying more for what you're creating than what you're spending on it.

Stay focused on creating the best possible end product or service that delights your customer
Get to the point where your customer wants you to succeed
Recognize mistakes
acknowledge them
and take directive action

'Failure' is an option

it's a great thing when we get kicked out of an academy... we're have a mind of our own

6 hours a night
coffee and at most an omelette in the morning
80 to 100 hours a week
focus on engineering and design

10-10-30 with my T.E.A.M.
qualify for March 16th
$5,000 cash flow
push up Ali and RJ to MD